Youth Group Swim Lessons are 30 mins.
Adult Group Swim Lessons are 45 mins.




Youth Swim Clinic

Requirements: Swim clinic offers competitive swim workouts & instruction. Correct competitive strokes, starts, flip-turns, & finishes will taught. Swim clinic workouts will be conducted at participant’s ability level. Participants should be at least 6 years old & be able to swim the length of the pool for freestyle & backstroke.

Adult Beginner

The goal of our Adult Beginner class is to make the student feel confident and safe in water. *If you are new to swimming, this class is for you! Students will be learning:
To put face in water, Blowing bubbles, How to float: Front & Back, Arm strokes on the wall, To swim from either side with arms, Introduction to treading/deep water.
Please bring: Goggles, Proper swim attire, Positive attitude.

Adult Intermediate

The goal of our Adult Intermediate class is to continue confidence and safety skills, while adding strokes. *Participants must be comfortable in water and have basic swim skills. Students will be learning: Proper kickboard technique, Introduction to freestyle and backstroke, Proper breathing technique, To tread water for longer periods of time, To retrieve objects from bottom of pool, Swim half a lap of freestyle/backstroke.