Karol Kuehn – Yoga Instructor

I got into taking yoga classes rather reluctantly at the suggestion of a mentor and friend who thought I needed a way to exercise that would slow me down and connect my mind to my body. I had struggled with very challenging anxiety for years and needed to make some changes in my exercise routine as well as my approach to life. After taking different styles of yoga I feel upon vinyasa flow which I have come to prefer to other forms of yoga; although I have experienced very positive results from different styles such as Iyengar, restorative and Kundalini. I have many books at home on yoga and am amazed, and sometimes overwhelmed at how much there is to learn about the mind, body, spirit connection to live your best life. There is always more to learn!

I took my 200 hour yoga teacher training through Moksha Yoga Center in 2005 and my 500 hour a few years later through Prairie Yoga. I am so grateful to these two wonderful programs for giving me a solid foundation to build my teaching upon.

There is a saying, “you teach what you need to learn,” and that has been very, very true for me. I feel like this path found/chose me not the other way around. I am thankful.