Many of the Tennis Programs at HealthTrack have a sign up through Google sheets. While a good majority of people have a basic understanding of a Google sheet, many do not. Here is some information you should know about our Google sheets:

  • A Google Sheet looks very similar to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.
  • A Google Sheet can be made available through the internet for anyone to access.
  • At HealthTrack most Google Sheets allow you to edit the sheet so you can sign up or cancel from something.
  • When accessing through a computer you can bookmark the Google Sheet for easy access in the future.
  • When accessing through a computer you do not have to click anything to “save” anything. This happens automatically.
  • When accessing through a phone or tablet you will have to click on the check mark in the top left corner to save your information.
  • You can download the Google Sheets app on your phone or tablet by searching for it from the app store.
  • The HealthTrack Service Desk has an iPad with all the tennis department Google sheets on it that involve some type of sign up. This includes our Sat AM drills, Friday Night Tennis Mixers, Saturday Drills & Drinks as well several others.
  • If you have a Gmail account we can add your email to the Google sheet to have it sync. This will allow you to see the sheet within your account.

If you have any questions about a tennis Google sheet, please contact David Warren, at 630-942-9600 ext. 617.