Beginner Boxing

Coach Jack and Ahmad will teach the basics of boxing techniques using the bags.

Session Dates: 7/15/2023 – 8/12/2023
Day/Time: Saturday’s, 9:15-10am
Fee: $75/member; $125/non-member



Parkinson’s Circuits

HealthTrack is offering a new program for Parkinson’s patients by Dawn Bozza, a certified Parkinson’s Trainer.

  • Exercise is a vital component of Parkinson’s treatment.
  • Exercise can improve your fitness level, allowing your body to combat the challenges of PD and related medical conditions.
  • There is evidence that exercise can improve particular motor and non=motor symptoms of PD such as improve Gait Disorders, Depression and Cognition.
  • There is evidence that exercise may improve brain functioning in a number of ways.

Session Dates: 7/19/23 – 9/10/23
Date/Time: Wednesdays, 1:00 – 1:45 PM
Fee: $125 for 10 weeks class – Member; $208 – Non-member

Refer a friend to join the class and receive a HealthTrack Gift Card!




This program focuses specifically on our senior population! Included in the O.A.S.I.S. program are low impact aerobics classes offered Tuesdays and Fridays, arboretum outings and luncheons. Members will find a positive atmosphere with HealthTrack’s dynamic and knowledgeable staff. Check our Group Fitness Schedule for O.A.S.I.S. class dates and times.

Youth Certification

Start your child in the right direction by helping to improve their fitness level, enhance sports ability, confidence & total body control through exercise. Strength training techniques, safety concepts, fitness floor rules & etiquette will be covered. Youth will be trained in 3 areas of the fitness floor: dumbbells, track & ab area.  Once your child has completed the class, he/she will be able to work out in these areas, with a parent.

Registration deadline 24 hours in advance.

Questions? Contact Fitness at 630-348-5376.

Please note that Children under 10 may not be on the fitness floor unless training with a Personal Trainer.

Age: 10-14 Year Old

Time: 4-5 PM
Fee: $45 / Child

Group class is offered once a month.

Note: Private sessions available upon request: $70/child

Details to Register:
Call: 630-348-5376
Email: [email protected]