Mike Spillone

HTSW- since 2014
My personal training philosophy is to help an individual determine their goals first, assess their functional movement and then create a fun and adaptive exercise program! I have had great results for weight loss clients and for those needing improved functional movement in their joints. I am a Certified Women’s Fitness Specialist through N.A.S.M. which I use in the health club setting regularly. I also spent 5 years working with athletes on speed and agility training for tennis, soccer, football, track, etc. My specialties are to improve conditioning, strength, agility, and force production for explosion. My hobbies include football, track, and working with kids.

  • I.S.S.A.  – Certified Personal Trainer
  • N.A.S.M. – Women’s Fitness Specialist
  • F.M.S. – Certified Functional Movement Screener
  • Master Personal Trainer