Brent Huff – Master Personal Trainer

At HTSW- since 2015

My Fitness and Training Philosophy is centered around longevity of life with minimal to no injuries. I believe I can develop a fitness program for your goals based on your individual needs and limitations and maximize effectiveness. I prefer to emphasize posture, mechanics, and simple fundamental movements. To ensure success, I encourage dedication and discipline.

I specialize in strength and conditioning training, weight loss/nutrition, injury rehab, postural correction, speed and agility! I work well with a wide variety of ages. I enjoy playing racquetball for sport!

  • M.S.S. – Sports Medicine
  • N.A.T.A. – Certified Athletic Trainer
  • N.S.C.A. – Certified strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • C.H.E.K certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach