Our Holistic Health Coach

Contact the fitness desk at 630-348-5375 to set up an appointment with our Holistic Health Coach, Shannon Denny.

Shannon has over 30 years of experience in the wellness industry. Her education started with a BS in Exercise Science from University of Illinois, Champaign and has continued with several certifications over the years. She specializes in the Active Aging and Motivation using education as one of her greatest tools.  She strongly believes in first modifying your mindset in order to achieve the goals you are striving for. The mindset of a person is equal to its success.  YOUGOTTAWANNA

Shannon is passionate about helping people better understand the body and its ability to heal and be healthy. She has studied several aspects of gaining and maintaining health emotionally, spiritually and physically. One cannot get better without addressing them all and incorporating a Holistic approach to your lifestyle. Shannon is motivated to minimize the amount of dollars spent on this approach by maximizing the systems you have in your body. As Hippocrates said so long ago, “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease”. Once you know better you do better.  

Reaching out for help is one of the most helpful tools you can use to improve or reach your goals. When reaching out to gain help for improvement, it is imperative that you use an individualized approach. No two people are the same!! YOU are the only YOU that is on this planet and that is how YOU should be treated.   This might be a more lengthy process but in the long run…it will go a long way!

Shannon has resided in Illinois for all of her life and has done most of her professional work in the area. She has worked with all ages, both male and female and would consider her greatest asset her ability to listen and implement immediate action steps for best results.