Member Testimonials

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Lois S.

I’ve been injured and haven’t done ANYTHING for 15 months, but I went back to HT and it’s so nice to be in Angie’s Pilates class, Kristen’s yoga and Monday’s class with Dawn. I didn’t think I could keep up ~ but Dawn mixed it up and it was really fun! And COFFEE is back!! Some of our party people are coming back and it’s great to see them again!!

John and Christine K.

We have been using the lap pool and the therapy pool. We both feel the club is clean and a safe environment. Thank You!! We appreciate everything HealthTrack does to keep it Open.

Lucy D.

The opening of Health Track has saved my life. OK, not literally, but my sanity is restored every time I swim, take a yoga class or work out with a trainer. All staff are respectful of the health and well being of each member working out at their facility. Masks are worn. Distances are kept. Equipment is thoroughly cleaned. I feel safe when I am at Health Track and am so glad I can get back to a fitness routine. I am so thankful and grateful that Health Track is open!

Barb I.

HealthTrack has been a great place to return to. They have been cautious and deliberate in following the CDC guidelines to make it’s patrons feel safe and comfortable. Thank you for reopening!

Tim D.

I have been a member at HealthTrack for over 2 years with my wife Susie & 2 young children Joe (age 3) & Rose (Age 1). We have had an outstanding experience ever since Day 1. But the #1 best feature about HealthTrack in our eyes is the Children’s Activity Center! What an sensational group they have it there! From Noel, to Krista, Courtney to Carley, each person that works there is so special in so many different ways. They do not have an easy job but each day when I go in there, they are all very positive & willingly do to their jobs to their utmost ability. I try & buy them lunch once to twice a year to try to say thank you for all their hard work but the reality is I don’t know what I would do without them! I wanted to pass this along to you Cris, as the GM, that you have surrounded yourself with a great group in the CAC. Keep up the outstanding work!

Victoria R.

I've been a member for a couple decades, and I love this club. I love the track, the machines, the weights, and the social area. I haven't done many classes but my friends love them. I like that not everyone weighs 90 lbs. and wears chic mini workout clothing. I've read all the reviews and some of them don't ring true at all. The club is always clean, and my personal trainer always showed up and was excellent. (Review from Yelp)

Katie P.

Childcare is amazing. Very reliable and dependable staff...the hours are great and the staff is wonderful with kids. They have different activities and art projects everyday of the week. My kids absolutely love going there. Group exercise schedule is great and convenient with lots of options from yoga, barre, boot camp, kettle bell, Zumba, etc. all day long. Great open fitness and weight area for those looking to workout on their own. All all around a great club. My family and I love being members. (Review from Yelp)

Dan M.

They have a lot of equipment great place to work out of that. Great gym in general, they offer great classes A lot of them actually and they have daycare for the little ones. (Review from Yelp)

Maxime C.

This facility has so many amenities. Free coffee when you come in, then great locker room with sauna. Swimming pool, tennis, a whole track to run around the gym, and endless machines. Highly recommend. (Review from Google)

Lucy D.

I love the selection of clothing in the Pro Shop. I buy something every season!

Bonnie M.

Lynn gave me a great facial and waxings. She was thorough and soft spoken. I had very peaceful hour. Thank you, Lynn.

Sharon V.

I had a very nice conversation with Sharon Vautin this morning regarding her membership. Sharon and her daughter joined in June and they are very happy here. Sharon has a few disabilities and cannot say enough about the club, access and classes that we offer. They have been members of many clubs in the area and by far this has been the best experience over all!!

Karen H.

The new towels are absolutely luxurious! Thank you! (p.s. I’ve heard other say the same thing too!)

Nancy E.

Monika’s early am Yoga classes are awesome. I think she’s taken my Yoga practice to a new level.

Monika P.

I had to say thank you for the most amazing Yoga class. Being a beginner in Yoga and Mindful Exercises, Carlene - Yoga teacher on Thursdays at 4:30, couldn’t be a better leader on the new journey. Her instructions and the way in which she approaches each class, making sure we understand the movement and what each pose should be/feel like – is beyond any expectations I had. Thanks to her, my stress levels are lowered, I feel happier, more relaxed. I honestly cannot write more about the positive changes her class made in the quality of my life in terms of movement and relaxation. Thank you for this amazing addition.

Brenda B.

Huge thank you to Al for my swim lessons! I’ve never had swim lessons, self-taught. Only side stroke but afraid to put my head in the water. Five lessons with Al and I’m swimming t different strokes!!! He is amazing! I will always be grateful for the gift of swimming he has given me. He is professional but makes it fun. I had the goal of getting a great work-out while learning different ways to swim. Al exceeded all my expectations. As a bonus, he taught me how to relax in the water, enjoy the swim and alleviated my fear of putting my head in the water. Thank you so much!

Kathy M.

Awesome: New lockers, new vanity lights, new soap dispensers!

Anita G.

Janet Gellert has been working as my personal trainer and has been helping me in so many ways!  She has given me great advice, guidance and helpful tips. I have minor back, sciatica, shoulder and elbow issues.  She has been attentive and tailored exercises, stretches and strengthening specifically to help me in all of these areas.  She actually made sure I also am exercising to take care of my entire body as well. Janet pays close attention to detail and kindly advises proper form, alignment and technique. Additionally, she went above and beyond by providing me with literature on subjects of interest to help me and was extremely accommodating with my schedule. My goal in using a personal trainer was to be proactive to stay healthy and active so that I can keep exercising and Janet made that happen!

Brian E.

Thank you for having the boxing class! Coach John and Coach Kate. Lost 15 lbs because of the class. All instructors are knowledgeable and professional!

Melynda J.

THANK YOU for the new and improved paper towels! A small thing BUT HUGE difference!!! And the coffee Bar – What a treat…flavored coffee creamer. Thank you for the improvements.

Paul H.

I made the decision to begin working with a personal trainer again after many years. The goal was to lose a few pounds, gain lean muscle, build strength, and improve my overall health and confidence level. At the same time, I was cautious because of past experiences with injuries. I am happy I made the decision to start back again because Justin Brown has delivered! He focuses on proper form with every exercise, which is a high priority for me, and he keeps workouts interesting by introducing variety every time. He offers a great mix of weight-bearing exercises, TRX, and cardio. He pushes me just a little more than I believe I can handle, which builds my confidence and keeps me motivated. In addition, Justin understands nutrition and coaches me on better food choices to support my workouts and beyond.

Sarella K.

"When I moved to Glen Ellyn 5 years ago, my goal was to share my loooove for dance and fitness with my wonderful new community. Thanks to HealthTrack, I've been able to do this for the past 5 years! DanceFit is sweet when it comes with a beat. Each cardio-dance and muscle-toning sequence is choreographed to a specific song from my hit music playlists. You'll sweat it out to music you know and love while discovering new tracks that will keep you feeling strong and motivated through the entire full-body workout. My customized classes are for ALL skill levels and taught in a judgment-free zone. Come have some fun movin' and groovin' with me and GET YOUR DANCE ON!“

Jay M.

I started taking yoga classes to improve my balance and flexibility. Although I'm still stiff and wobbly, I'm significantly improved. All the instructors have different styles, so the variety is great, something for everyone. What they all seem to have in common is the attitude to go at your own pace, at your own comfort level, and don't concern yourself with anyone else.

Mary C.

Recently, Angie Cameron worked with me to prepare for two full knee replacements spaced ten months apart. We did Reformer Pilates several times per week: one on one in a Healthtrack Studio. She focused on upper body, leg, and core strength, all of which are needed for post surgery recovery. I went into surgery with confidence that I could handle the procedure with the best possible outcome. Her results are amazing.

Jenny W.

My daughter had slowly been improving her swim skills in group lessons but the 1 on 1 instructions were just what she needed to have it all finally “click”. Being a single working parent, scheduling was often a challenge, but Tori was very accommodating. Tori is an excellent instructor who was able to provide positive reinforcement within her teaching. The pools at HealthTrack are excellent for learning, allowing for swimming in the lap pool and then basic diving lessons in the therapy pool. A definite 2 thumbs up from me and my daughter.

Warren G.

I have utilized Personal Training at HTSW for about 4 years now with very positive results. The trainers coached correct techniques and provided a variety of workouts that got me to my goals efficiently, with less injuries. Training is not just for young athletes, I have found that training can dramatically improve the quality of life for us older adults. I am now over 60 but have the strength, stamina, balance, and confidence in my body of a 30 year old.

Member Accomplishments

We are proud of our members! Great job!

Ed S.

HealthTrack member Ed Scheer is currently preparing for his 4th ultra marathon (100 mile race) in Ouray, Colorado this July. Ed recently completed his 3rd ultra in McCall, Idaho with a finish time of 30 hours and 30 minutes! He completed his prior two ultras in Minnesota (Superior 100) in 2017 and Illinois (Hennepin 100) in 2015. Ed switched to ultramarathons from "regular" marathons because he claims they are "easier on his body". (We will see if he still says that after Ouray, which includes 42,000 feet of elevation gain!) He especially enjoys the camaraderie, backcountry hiking and fantastic views each race affords. He is a "former" marathoner. Ed is also a swimmer and occasional tennis player, recently celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary with member Katie Clancy. Their son John, 9, loves swimming and the Children's Activity Center!

John A.

Congratulations to Member John Anderson for being honored in the AHL Hall of Fame. John Anderson spent most of his 17-year playing career in the National Hockey League, but he made his mark coaching with the Chicago Wolves. Anderson ranks fifth in league history with 424 victories and seventh with 788 games over 10 seasons as a head coach in the AHL. He won three division titles and had seven 40-win seasons and four 100-point campaigns, and was behind the bench for two AHL All-Star Classics as well. Read more!