100 Mile Swim

Join our 100-Mile Swim Club It’s easy to sign up! Simply keep track of the laps you swim during each workout and record your yardage/mileage in the 100 mile swim binder located outside the aquatics office. The mileage tracking will be maintained and updated weekly!

When does the challenge start? Today – December 31st, 2018
How many lengths is a mile? 
Length = One end of the pool to the other (25 yards)
Lap = Down & Back (50 yards)
70 Lengths or 35 laps = 1,760 yards

Can I walk and have it count as a length of the pool?
Yes! Anyway you go up and down the pool will count as a lap, so you can swim, kick, pull, walk, jump, anything that you are comfortable with. Just have to make sure that you make it from one end of the pool all the way to the other end.

Adult Group Swim Lessons

NEW! A group swim class just for Adults! Level: Intermediate, Advanced and Tri-athlon training

Summer Session: June 5th – July 24th (no class on June 13 & July 4)
Time: Monday, 7-8pm

Fee: $85 members; $160 non-members



Youth Swim Clinic & Clubs

Youth Swim Clinic

Time/Day: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5-6pm
Session 1: Jan 8 – Feb 1
Session 2: Feb 5 – March 1
Session 3: March 5 – March 22
Session Fee: 8 classes: $150 Member/$230 Non-member




Master Swim Club

HealthTrack provides an organized Master swim practice, designed to improve speed, technique and overall endurance with the added motivation of group training. Masters is open to competitive swimmers, triathletes and members looking for an alternative to solo lap swimming.

Workout Schedule:

Time/Day: Tues: 6-7am, Fri: 6-7am, Sat: 7-8:30am
Fee: Free


Group Swim Lessons

HealthTrack offers a variety of Group Swim Lessons for every age and ability. Our littlest ones may begin lessons at 6 months in a parent participation class conveniently offered on Saturdays. Our most advanced participate in the Piranhas class with a focus on breaststroke and butterfly. HealthTrack is known for its exemplary instructors and low teacher student class ratio.

View Classes.

Play and Paddle

Tennis + Swim = Fun. Play & Paddle is designed for 5 – 6 year olds and combines the instruction and fun of both tennis & swimming in one class. Each sport will receive 30 minutes of instruction. Please wear tennis shoes and bring a tennis racket (if you have one), swim suit & goggles.

View Tennis Brochure or Swim Brochure for more information on classes & times.



Swimmers learn breaststroke as well as continue practice on freestyle and backstroke. They will also be introduced to butterfly, turns and increased distances with all strokes.

Fall & Winter:
Tue & 
Thu: 5:10-5:40pm
Sat: 10:50-11:20am




Swimmers will be perfecting their freestyle and backstroke. They will also be introduced to breaststroke kick and somersaults.

Fall & Winter:
Mon & Wed: 4-4:30pm, 4:35-5:05pm
Tues: 4:35-5:05pm
Sat: 10:15-10:45am




Swimmers should be able to swim and breath on their own. Swimmers will work on freestyle, backstroke arms and treading water for a longer period of time.

Fall & Winter:
Mon & Wed: 10-10:30am, 4-4:30pm
Tue & Thu: 10-10:30am, 4-4:30pm, 4:35-5:05pm
Tue: 4-4:30pm, 5:10-5:40pm
Fri: 10-10:30am
Sat: 9:05-9:35am, 9:40-10:10am



Sharks 1 & 2

These levels are for swimmers who are beginner swimmers. Sharks 1 are for swimmers 5-8 years old. Sharks 2 are for swimmers 8 years old. The instructor will assist swimmers in skills such as freestyle arms with side breathing, kicking on their backs, and treading water.

Fall & Winter:
Mon & Wed: 5:10-5:40pm
Tue & 
Thur: 4-4:30pm, 4:35-5:05pm
Sat: 9:05-9:35am, 9:40-10:10am, 10:50-11:20am




This is the first independent swim level. Swimmers must be at least 3 years old to begin this level. The instructor will assist swimmers in skills such as blowing bubbles, kicking, floating on their front & back and beginning freestyle arm strokes.

Fall & Winter:
Mon & Wed: 9:30-10am, 10:30-11am, 4-4:30pm, 4:35-5:05pm, 5:10-5:40pm
Tue & 
Thur: 9:30-10am, 10:30-11am, 4-4:30pm, 4:35-5:05pm, 5:10-5:40pm
Friday: 9:30-10am, 10:30-11am
Saturday: 9:05-9:35am, 9:40-10:10am, 10:15-10:45am, 10:50-11:20am



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